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Big Blox Mobile Slot Review

Big Blox Mobile Slot is certainly one of the more unique slot games out there. With the game being set in a Polynesian jungle, there isn’t currently a slot machine with the same theme available. Another unique aspect of the game is that there is almost 250 different ways to win on every single spin, which means that no matter your level of skill or your amount of luck, you’re always going to come away having won something!

The theme is one that takes players on a journey back in time, and a lot of the characters and symbols you can expect to see are ancient relics and statues that spread themselves out over the reels, with some paying out much more than others. The actual graphics and animations in the game are of a very high quality and quite aesthetically pleasing; the sounds that accompany the visuals are just as good.

There are no bonus rounds to Big Blox which means there is no scatters and no free spins. Initially, this will be a bit disappointing for players, but once you learn that there are almost 250 different ways to win in a very simple way without the need for all the bonus rounds, you’ll soon be feeling a lot more positive about the game! Thanks to the many ways in which players can win, it’s very rare to leave the game having made absolutely no money.

It’s not entirely true that there are no bonus features within the game; while there are no standard bonus features like scatters and free spins, there is the Big Block Feature, something that is completely unique to the game. The Big Block Feature gives players the opportunity to multiply their wins by producing a block of symbols that spread themselves across all of the slot reels.

The game itself is a simple one. It’s straightforward to play, there isn’t too much going on, and so players can get to grips with it really quickly. Ideal for beginners, the game is still of a high quality so while you might be new to gaming, you won’t feel like you’re playing a basic game for learners.