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Dracula Touch Mobile Slot Review

It’s pretty clear there are a lot of different mobile slots out there that you can enjoy, it’s just about picking a theme. Ever since Buffy the Vampire Slayer hit the small screen in 1997, vampires have been big news. They became even bigger when the Twilight books (and movies) were released. It’s fair to say that the vampire theme is probably as big as it has ever been right now.

That’s why slots like Dracula Touch have become so popular, and have such a loyal and dedicated following. This is a slot based on the most famous of all vampires, Count Dracula; he of the sharp teeth and long cape. Over the years we have seen many incarnations of the great Dracula, and he’s finally gone more contemporary with his very own slot game.

The graphics are sumptuously cinematic, and give the perfect vibe and feel for this vampiric land. The 3D animated symbols and designs really add that extra touch to the game. You will also enjoy some cool extras, such as a swarm of bats flying whenever you spin the reels.

This brings us to the Count, overseeing your gameplay on the left of the screen. Randomly he will transform into bats, and turn symbols on the reels the same. This effectively creates stacked symbols and vastly improves your chances of success and big wins. But, it’s the Free Spins that really make this slot game come alive in a big way.

It will be pretty hard work to get to the Free Spins stage, but, once you’re there is when you can start to make the big money. You can win as high as 400x your bet in a single spin, and that is why you should always work towards getting the free spins where possible.

He might look dark and broody, but Dracula is your salvation in the world of online gambling. This brilliantly designed slot is one of the best we’ve encountered and has some wonderful riches to be won as well. It is one of the most generous and accessible slots games we’ve played, and we’d definitely recommend it over the other big vampire slot Blood Suckers.

You have plenty of bonus features to sink your teeth into, and, if you hit a lucky streak, you’ll find the game ‘coffin’ up cash in no time! Load up Dracula Touch, and enjoy partying with the undead in style.