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Hugo Mobile Slot Review

Hugo isn’t a male name selected for a character in this slot game at random. In fact, Hugo is a character from a Danish TV show that was very popular in Denmark, and across 40 other different countries in the world, way back when in the 1990s. People all over the globe fell in love with the quirky little troll that was Hugo and bought into the brand, the merchandise, the TV show, everything! Now he’s back; and this time, it’s in the form of a slot, powered by Play ‘n’ Go and found at the casino Vera&John along with hundreds of other slots.

Throughout the slot game, Hugo is looking for his soulmate, Hugoline! In his search for the love of his life, Hugo appears across the all five reels of the slot as a wild symbol, multiplying wins by 2x. Other symbols that you’ll see popping up throughout the slot game include many icons and characters spotted in the original show; pick axes, dynamite, sacks of gold and even treasure chests.

There is also two different bonus rounds within the game, one which is your average free spins bonus round that allows players to earn free spins with multipliers and earn themselves as many as ten free spins, all of which come with 2x multipliers. The other bonus round is a ‘pick me’ bonus round within the game, where players have the choice of three doors for Hugo to go through. The catch here is that only one of the doors has gold behind it, and gold is what Hugo is looking for!

Some other additional features in the game to look out for include the wild symbol, which is the character of Hugo, and the Hugo free spins. All of the free spins in the game actually come with additional scatter symbols which mean there’s the opportunity to win even more!

The graphics in the game are of a high standard, and the quirky characters of Hugo and Hugoline are very lovable indeed. While there is a childlike, novelty feel to the game, it’s not one that shouldn’t be taken seriously! The game isn’t as easy as people might think and even with the youthful appearance of and feel to the game, it should be remembered that this is one of the top games produced by Play ‘n’ Go.