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Jack Hammer Touch 2

Jack Hammer Touch was a simple yet popular mobile adaptation slot game. It’s sequel, Jack Hammer 2 had a lot to live up to. Debuting on Guts, did it succeed?

Well, no. It’s not as good as the original Jack Hammer Slot, but we must bear in mind this wasn’t meant to be a recreation of the original, but rather, the use of a brilliant game theme that somehow manages to create a different experience for the players.

The game does have excellent, comic book style graphics with bright colours and very different features, similar to the style of it’s prequel game. There are also some brilliant sound affects that really help you to engage with the game and what’s going on.

Jack Hammer 2 does have a one up on the original given the fact that paylines have been increased massively, from the original 25 right up to a whopping 99 paylines. Yes, this does mean less big wins, but it means more frequent little wins for the gamer who cares more about the fun and entertainment a game can provide, rather than the money. Don’t expect to receive more than 20 to 40 times your bet throughout the entirety of the game.

Jack Hammer Touch 2 still has a decent 97% return to player rate, which is fantastic news for the fans of the Jack Hammer Series.