Phone Slots

Jewel Box Mobile

On a high-end mobile phone the gems on your screen will glint out at you in dazzling splendour in this jewellery-themed slot game which can be played on your mobile in exactly the same way as it’s played on your computer, with all the same fun and features that you’ll find in the original. Don’t be baffled by where your wins are coming from, as you may get more windfalls than you think, given that your winning line can start anywhere across the reels, going from left to right.

All of the symbols featuring in the game are shiny jewels which are encased in what looks like a satin-lined box, probably belonging to one very lucky rich person! Your aim is to line up identical jewels, including emeralds, pearls, sapphire rings, rubies ad diamonds (don’t worry if you’re not a gem expert, you’ll be able to distinguish them simply from the different colours). The sapphire ring is, interestingly, the most prized of all as it is the secret to getting the jackpot, but you’ll need to have one on each of the five reels to get it.

An interesting take on the wild symbol is the inclusion of two different types of wild, which are explicitly and unmistakably called ‘x2’ and ‘x5’ so you have more chances of directly multiplying your wins by different amounts, up to a five time multiplier, in the normal base game. You also have the interesting option of making the spins a lot shorter, by immediately pressing ‘stop’ after the ‘spin’ button.

The bonus picking game involves jewellery boxes, and is triggered by jewellery boxes – we’re giving no points to the creators for originality, but at least they’re consistent in their choice of theme. If at any point you choose to gamble all of your winnings then you’ll also get to pick, but this time from a selection of cards, as is the norm in slot game gamble features. When you spin the first jewellery box in the main game you’re given the choice of spinning the other reels individually, to hike up tension, or perhaps to try and influence the reels. As usual, it’s a gamble which only the bravest will take as it’s unlikely to end well and you could lose everything you’ve worked hard to amass.