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Man of Steel Mobile Slot Review

The Man of Steel. Krypton’s favourite son. Superman. Kal-El. Clark Kent. We know him by many names, but there’s no doubting that Superman is one of the best-known superheroes in the world. The American cultural icon has become a staple of comic book and motion picture history. Because of the vast appeal of Superman as a character, there is a lot of expanded universe.

This has led to the development of Superman slots games. The Man of Steel slot is based on the 2013 hit movie of the same name, starring Henry Cavill. The movie was very much style over substance, but this Playtech slot makes a valiant attempt at doing both.

Oddly for a Playtech slot, this game seems to lack somewhat in the style department. You’d think that a slot game based on a superhero as great as Superman would be rich in style and graphics. But, oddly, Man of Steel seems to be pretty basic in the stylistic department. The graphics are pretty basic, and the detail of the characters makes some of them look a little strange.

However, you will be happy to overlook the stylistic deficiencies here when you understand the great substance of this game. The gameplay is great, and you can really build up some big wins on account of the Walking Wilds. These drift across the reels and help you build up easier wins, and work towards more enjoyable and impressive spins.

Another cool aspect of this game is that it has a couple of unusual bonus features. The two Free Spins games on here really make this stand out from a lot of the other superhero games out there. The Battle for Earth Free Spins and the Krypton bonus game are particularly brilliant, and they help to make this a much more enjoyable and fun slot game. There’s also a World Engine Bonus, and a DC Superheroes Jackpot as well.

Just because the movie was all style and no substance, it doesn’t mean that the slot is going to be the same. Indeed, we’re actually impressed with how well this slot is put together and the way it plays. There are a lot of cool bonus features on here, and they elevate this game to a much greater level than it ought to be at.

Make sure you download this game for your mobile as soon as you can. It’s the perfect way to kill a few hours, spinning the reels, and enjoying your favourite superhero story. We would certainly recommend this thrilling superhero adventure for anyone who’s ever wanted to be a part of that wonderful world.