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Xing Guardian Mobile Slot Review

We all know that what makes slots, so fun and impressive is the story behind them. If you have a slot game that has a fun and immersive story, it is going to be much more exciting and enjoyable. Xing Guardian is a mystical, mythical, Chinese style slot game that has echoes of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

It’s a shiny, bright, and fantastical, and the game looks exactly as you would expect. It also has a cool soundtrack that fits perfectly with the design and feel of the slot. NextGen Gaming has crafted one of the most memorable mobile sports on the market. The dreamlike game, set against a backdrop of ancient Chinese mythology, the slot is one of the most beautiful things we’ve seen.

The 5×4 reels have a touch of the surreal about them, and actually, offer payouts with pretty regular frequency. There are a fair few high paying symbols on this game, but the Xing Guardian is the one you want to look out for, as she is the Wild symbol in this game. When she shows up on screen, this is when you will be able to win big.

Obviously, the stacked Wilds are the main stars of this game, as is the case with most slots. You’ll find that, unless you get to use the stacked Wilds and bonus features, you might find it rather difficult to make big wins. There are some enjoyable Free Spins, as well as a Free Games feature you can enjoy. You can continue to win Free Spins here, with the stacked Wilds locking the reels. There’s also a Rise of the Dragon feature that can be used to build up big wins as well.

The bonuses in this game are one of the most appealing features, and you need to make the most of them. There are a lot of reasons why bonuses are great, and they are a major feature of this slot. One of the things you will find surprising about this game is the big wins you can generate, and this is one of the great things that makes it such an appealing slot.

If you’re looking for some new spinning fun, you can enjoy this Oriental themed slot, with a unique design, cool bonuses, and a funky soundtrack. The scaled-down mobile version of the game is the perfect remedy to those boring train commutes.