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Frankenstein Touch

This game is so popular due to it’s link to the original Frankenstein movie by Universal back in 1931- yes, that long ago!

The simplicity of the game does not ruin game play and actually betters the game. The game has a much darker, gothic and subdued tone throughout to fit in with the chilling story of Dr Frankenstein and his monster.

One of the highlights of the game is the free spins that are available. The free spins can be hard to come by and don’t happen very frequently at all, but when they do occur it is always worth the wait. Not only because of the game, and it’s return to player rate of 96.7% but because of the animation, graphics and sound that happens when you gain a free spin. The symbols come windmilling across the scene, accompanied with the growing noise of an oncoming thunder storm- the storm, of course, being what gives the monster life. Then suddenly everything stops and angry mobs of village people brandishing pitch forks chase you to a windmill where you are able to earn up to ten more free spins.

Aside from the free spins with it’s detailed graphic story line that increases the excitement, the rest of the game is bland in comparison- but that’s the whole point, because the blandness encourages you to track down more of those free spins so you can get more of that exciting game play action!