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Mega Moolah Mobile

In case you were in any doubt, ‘moolah’ means ‘money’ and that’s the driving force behind this game; the large amounts of money up for grabs at every spin, almost all given out in return for astonishingly good luck. This is one of the biggest progressive slots out there, so read on if you fancy taking on the mobile version.

If the makers of this game had drastically changed any of the elements in this hugely popular game, they would no doubt have faced a major backlash from the swathes of fans the game has amassed over the years. Instead, what they’ve done is create an exact replica of the desktop version, to be played on your mobile, and then gone on to create separate spin-offs across both platforms to appeal to new audiences and experiment with different approaches (for example the Egyptian-themed Mega Moolah Isis). So the mobile and desktop versions of the original game are identical, in all but the devices they can be used on.

In this, the original mobile version, the theme is wild animals of the African plains, roaming the savannah of your mobile screen. The lion wild constitutes the game’s standard multiplier, with three times your win granted for any successful spin that the lion is involved in. The monkey scatter gives you free spins and triples your winnings across the five reels and 25 paylines, giving you substantial winning possibilities on a regular basis.

The big draw, though, is the mega moolah that we’re all after, and it’s linked to a randomly-activated spinning wheel with only one mega jackpot segment that you’ve got to hope that you land on at some point. There are also more modest jackpots up for grabs, with the catchy names of Mini, Minor and Major, which are still well-deserving of the name ‘jackpot’ but won’t be such a life-changing sum as the mega jackpot, which is as elusive and hard to get as you’d expect from a vast cash prize such as this.

A large amount of this game is down to luck, which is probably what makes it so addictive and draws more and more fans to it, and the fact that it can be played on your mobile with the same odds as on a standalone PC makes it consistent and incredibly easy to play on a small screen such as a smartphone or even a basic tablet. You can head over to VeraJohn in order to try Mega Moolah Mobile out for yourself – just don’t forget to share the wealth if you win (wink, wink).