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Reel Rush Touch

Reel Rush Touch is a game for those who appreciate all the simple things in life. It is also the perfect game for those children of the 80’s and 90’s with its Super Mario-esque graphics, bright colours and “bling” noises to accompany animation. If you like retro games then this is a must-play slot!

Music is a huge part of this game- it’s difficult to enjoy the game without it, given that the graphics are very simple and so there isn’t much to enjoy visually. Whilst it will go down a treat with old school gamers due to it’s theme, the style of the game is very similar to the globally popular Candy Crush, so modern day gamers will enjoy this too.

With all that being said, Reel Rush Touch can’t be bigged up too much. It’s not just the graphic design and animation that is incredibly simple, but the game itself is too. There are no random wins up for grab, no mini wins and no mini games within the game. When it comes to bonus rounds and levels, there are few and far between.

However, looking at the more positive sides to this game, such as the multi-way winning re spin on any win that you get throughout the game, as well as the generous return to player rate which sits at 97%.