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Wild Blood Mobile

It’s not long been the case, but vampires are back in fashion in a big way, and their popularity is stretching from films, to popular culture and to slot games, both on desktop and mobile. Vampires have clearly caught up with modern technology and are now also compatible with phones and tablets, meaning that all the fun of Wild blood can now be found across all of your devices. We sometimes read that excessive mobile phone use sucks the lifeblood out of our young, but here it’s you that will be sucking blood in a popular slot game.

Based loosely on the well-loved ‘True Blood’ television series, this five-reel mobile slot has 15 paylines and a bonus round which will get your blood pumping and there are no issues with loading the game on your device or waiting for the screen to catch up with the speed of your spinning. The same quality of creepy but cool music and cartoon graphics is to be found in Wild Blood Mobile, and it’s a direct representation of the original game, so fans won’t be disappointed.

The characters are all rather good-looking vampires, which if anything are even more appealing on your phone than on a computer screen as there’s something quite intimate about playing on your phone. The wild is the  young, rugged-looking male vampire, who also expands to fill the entire reel, showing that not all vampires are bad. The Wild Blood logo acts as the scatter, multiplying wins throughout the game, by up to five times.

The bonus features are identical across all versions of the game, and so both on your mobile and on your computer you can play the Blood Vial bonus, involving a standard picking game with an impressive twist; if you pick the wrong bottle then you’ll return to the basic game in an impressive puff of smoke, but if you pick the right ones on each go, you can win free spins, cash prizes and multipliers. Be careful with the gamble feature, which is even easier to fall into on your mobile because of the ease with which your fingers can slide across the screen, but it’s just as easy to simply lose all of your hard-earned winnings if you pick the wrong card in the gamble round.